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Cyber Security Month with GBS and DIGITALL

October is all about Cyber Security! It is the International Cyber Security Month and also the time when it-sa, Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security, takes place. So this October, GBS and DIGITALL invite you to explore with us some of the current and emerging trends in Cyber Security, revolving around four fundamental pillars: People, Applications, Technology, and Data.

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Collaboration Security 2022 “Microsoft 365 and Collaboration Risks: How Companies Handle New Threat Scenarios”

Security & People

Transform the human factor from a security gap to a strong line of defense!

Employees are a prime target of hackers, who exploit their behavior to break in. Considering that 95% of the successful attacks are due to human errors, the strategy seems to be working quite well. Stolen credentials or identity, leaked data, hijacked accounts, payments to fake accounts – the consequences are severe.

To fight ransomware, Business Email Compromise and Supply Chain Attacks, you need advanced threat protection solutions beyond a mere AV scanner. You should also improve your resilience, for example through regular posture assessments and penetration tests or Security Awareness Trainings for employees.

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Security & Applications

Secure your business applications and processes!

A lot of business applications live in the Cloud, nowadays. From our cloud security user survey, we found that many businesses are sacrificing features and flexibility to avoid security breaches when using collaboration platforms. With the right security solutions, you don’t have to sacrifice usability to protect your organisation.

Build strong relationships with customers and partners based on trust by reliably securing your business applications and processes. With our security services, you can conduct posture and supply chain assessments and penetration tests that you and your partners comply with the regulatory requirements.

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Security & Technology

Get the right combination of technologies for your security problem!

Understanding and selecting the right type of technology for your security strategy is critical. It not only affects the manageability and efficiency of your cybersecurity measures but also how future-proof they are.

For instance, Business Email Compromise and similar attacks based on social engineering require a whole range of technologies that complement each other.
Furthermore, the combination of good technology, good processes and good experts makes a service great! That is why our Security Operations Center runs on a market-leading IBM technology and together with IBM we ensure that identification and investigation of suspicious trends, traffics, events and behavior is done to minimize damage or even before data is breached.

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Security & Data

Manage your business and customer data in a compliant and secure way!

With the accelerated digitalization, data has become a main asset for many companies. And criminals find it very lucrative – whether customer or business data (such as intellectual property, financial or sales info, process data, etc.).

Securing your data should start at the point of entry (e.g. when a partner shares a file on your collaboration platform (Malware protection)), go through storage and accessibility (Encryption) and even cover sending it outside the organisation (Data Loss Prevention).

Our Security Consulting Services will help you get a transparent overview and optimal control over the security mechanisms in place to increase the maturity of your cyber security. 

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