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Running large email campaigns (e.g. newsletters, sales or marketing emails, notifications, etc.) often leads to infrastructure bottlenecks during normal operating hours, negatively impacting both employees and IT departments. Therefore, companies often opt for email scheduling tools that allow them to control when their bulk emails are sent in order to avoid peak times, server overloads and interruptions to regular email traffic.

On the other hand, email scheduling does not only serve email campaigns. Employees can also benefit from being able to plan the delivery of their emails at a specific time – for example, reminders before events, meetings or deadlines, at a time when the email is more likely to be read, or at the most convenient moment for customers from different time zones.

iQ.Suite – Time-controlled email delivery

iQ.Suite offers the possibility to easily control the sending of emails with the help of the following functions:

  • Reliable reduction of server and network load caused by large mail volume
  • User-controlled scheduling of outbound mail
  • Logic resolution of links in messages for sending to external recipients
  • Sender notification regarding delayed sending
  • Automatic send notifications to the responsible administrator for each email
  • Reliable archiving of unsent messages

Your benefits:

  • Time-optimized sending of emails
  • Reducing the load on infrastructure during peak times and relieving stress on employees
  • Fast and easy: all you have to do is set a transmission time and date
  • Large email campaigns can be sent later on without stress
  • Conveniently schedule emails to different time zones

iQ.Suite for Email Scheduling:

iQ.Suite Smart

Time-controlled sending of emails

Available for Domino, on-prem and cloud


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