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Create GDPR-compliant email signatures

What must companies take into account when sending e-mails? The legal regulations strengthening data protection require every company to implement numerous adjustments when handling data and providing information. These measures also include making its email signatures GDPR-compliant. If email signatures were until recently just a good way to endorse corporate image, they are now a [...]

Optimise email signatures for dark mode

Many users enjoy the flexibility to customise the user interface according to their preferences. A relatively new user interface design that is gaining popularity is the dark mode. It is now available on most software programs on various devices. This feature allows the user to partially invert the screen. A dark mode device displays [...]

Threats and tendencies that will dominate cyber security in 2023

11 factors that will shape cyber security next year Nobody really expects cyber attacks to decline in near future, but 2022 has finally brought some much-needed changes in the mindset towards cybersecurity. As thousands of people experienced the severe consequences of critical infrastructure breaches and disruption to public sector operations, it became clear that cyber [...]

New and more treacherous methods of ransomware attacks: intermittent encryption and how you can reliably protect yourself from it

The most frequently used gateway for cyber-attacks is still e-mail. That is where a never-ending technological battle between attackers and defenders is taking place. But despite big efforts by experts and ever greater investments by companies, the cyber criminals always seem to stay one step ahead. And they succeed because they develop hundreds of new [...]

Do you have what is needed for a successful implementation of DLP technology?

Information security relates to data The proper use and protection of information lies at the core of the entire information and cybersecurity domain. And information is generated when working with data. It is therefore quite clear that everything in the information security domain relates to data. But data is not just a target for cybercriminals. [...]

GBS strengthens its presence in Europe with a new location in Bulgaria

GBS strengthens its presence in Europe with a new location in Bulgaria As part of the growth path the company has set out in the recent years, GBS is now strategically establishing a further location in Europe - namely in Bulgaria. By strengthening its presence in Europe, the company aims to expand its [...]

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