Threats and tendencies that will dominate cyber security in 2023

11 factors that will shape cyber security next year Nobody really expects cyber attacks to decline in near future, but 2022 has finally brought some much-needed changes in the mindset towards cybersecurity. As thousands of people experienced the severe consequences of critical infrastructure breaches and disruption to public sector [...]

New and more treacherous methods of ransomware attacks: intermittent encryption and how you can reliably protect yourself from it

The most frequently used gateway for cyber-attacks is still e-mail. That is where a never-ending technological battle between attackers and defenders is taking place. But despite big efforts by experts and ever greater investments by companies, the cyber criminals always seem to stay one step ahead. And they succeed [...]

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Does Cyber Insurance protect your business and how do you prepare for it?

What does Cyber Insurance protect you from? Cyberattacks affect businesses of all sizes and even protected businesses fall victim In times when an attack by cyber criminals is not a question of “if” but of “when and how hard” it will hit (you), companies are putting all their [...]

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Germany – a prime target for cybercriminals, with a medium level of security

How resilient are German companies to cyber threats? Almost 92% of organisations have experienced cyber attacks Hardly anyone who has read the recent cyber security headlines has any doubt that ransomware is the biggest malware threat at the moment. And Germany seems to be one of the main [...]

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5 ways the four-eyes principle protects your sensitive data

The power of double-checking with four-eyes principle Ensures high level of security and transparent accountability Every organization needs to protect its data, particularly the sensitive information that greatly affects its performance, image and profit. It is not only inbound email threats such as spam and malware that compromise [...]

Top Cybersecurity Threats for 2022 – An Outlook

What threats will carry over from 2021 to 2022? A lot of trends from 2021 will continue in 2022 Those who believed that spending a good deal of money on the latest security software would ensure their company was fully protected from future cyberattacks have surely already realized [...]

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Log4j – one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities in the last few years!

Log4j allows access to server iQ.Suite is not vulnerable Log4j has become interestingly popular in the last several days, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. On the 9th of December, a critical vulnerability was discovered in Apache configurations using the Log4j library – CVE-2021-44228. This vulnerability scores 10 out [...]

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Emotet strikes again

Computers infected with TrickBot are at risk The German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) calls it the “most dangerous malware in the world” Not even a year has passed since Emotet was officially shut down by authorities in January 2021, when security researcher Brad Duncan reported its return. [...]

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Business Email Compromise – the most expensive email attack

BEC is much more dangerous and costly than phishing BEC is mostly used for invoice or payment fraud Business Email Compromise (BEC) is yet another attack tactic that has been on the rise in the last several years. According to different studies and researchers (e.g. FBI Crime Complaint [...]

Supply Chain Attacks on the rise

Enterprise Security Practices for Exchange and Office365 Our level of protection is as good as that of our partners and suppliers The last couple of years, and especially 2021, have been marked by several huge attacks on service providers and vendors. Some of the most notable ones are the attacks [...]

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