Demystifying DLP – a concept that loves rules

Why does DLP fail to become a security standard? The DLP concept suggests that data flow should be monitored and controlled The Concept DLP (Data Loss Prevention)– a term that has been around for more than 15 years, but still fails to establish itself as a proven and trustworthy [...]

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Emotet strikes again

Computers infected with TrickBot are at risk The German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) calls it the “most dangerous malware in the world” Not even a year has passed since Emotet was officially shut down by authorities in January 2021, when security researcher Brad Duncan reported its return. [...]

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Online discussion “Email Encryption with S/MIME and PGP” with our security expert Dr. Rolf Kremer

Host of the discussion is the Tuesday Afternoon Club, dedicated to algorithmic challenges. DIGITALL has the pleasure to invite you to the online discussion “Email Encryption with S/MIME and PGP” presented by the cyber security expert Dr. Rolf Kremer, VP R&D of GBS Europa, which is part of [...]

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Security incident: Sending sensitive data to the wrong recipient

An incident that happens more often than we realize 90% of employee communication takes place via email making it the main channel for a data leaks When we talk about cybersecurity, we often think only in terms of defense. We believe that we have something in the digital [...]

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Business Email Compromise – the most expensive email attack

BEC is much more dangerous and costly than phishing BEC is mostly used for invoice or payment fraud Business Email Compromise (BEC) is yet another attack tactic that has been on the rise in the last several years. According to different studies and researchers (e.g. FBI Crime Complaint [...]

Supply Chain Attacks on the rise

Enterprise Security Practices for Exchange and Office365 Our level of protection is as good as that of our partners and suppliers The last couple of years, and especially 2021, have been marked by several huge attacks on service providers and vendors. Some of the most notable ones are the attacks [...]

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Protection of collaboration platforms with iQ.Suite 360

Securing collaboration platforms with an innovative approach iQ.Suite 360 can overcome the limitations of Microsoft Defender In the previous part of our series on protection of collaboration platforms, we presented the functionalities integrated in Office 365 that Microsoft offers. In this article, we will reveal how the limitations of [...]

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Protection of collaboration platforms: Integrated functions in Office 365

Coverage of the standard Office 365 features Microsoft Defender for Office 365 offers good protection, however … In the first article of our series on protection of collaboration platforms, we outlined the importance of protecting platforms such as Office 365. In this part of the series, we will introduce [...]

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The New Challenge: Securing our Collaboration Platforms

The tough choice between simplicity and high security of collaboration platforms Built-in features provide limited control and visibility What is the most common attack mechanism used by cyber criminals? Yes, it is still malware! And what are the most used applications in our daily communication? Email, maybe, then come Zoom, Teams, [...]

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Simplifying Work with Container Technology

Container technology has made an impact “Significant advantages over virtual machines” Four years ago, we reported in one of our blog posts (in German only) about the evolution of virtualization through the use of container technology. In the meantime, container technology has made its way into many companies, [...]

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