Data Loss Prevention for your outgoing emails

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Whitepaper: Email DLP or how to stop bleeding sensitive data through your emails

Every unprotected email that leaves your company can be intercepted, exploited or manipulated by hackers. This poses a great risk, especially for the sensitive data it contains, such as credit card or account numbers, user data, confidential documents, personal information, etc. Not to mention the legal fines due to non-compliance with data protection regulations.

This is why more and more companies are opting for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP refers to any technology used to protect data. For email, DLP specialises in preventing data leaks from email communication by blocking insider threats, mitigating human error, and detecting sensitive data and suspicious activity.

In this whitepaper, our experts explain:

  • What exactly is DLP
  • How DLP prevents malicious or accidental data leakage through outgoing emails
  • Which email parameters does DLP monitor
  • What actions can be taken in the event of a critical email?
  • Who benefits most from DLP
  • What rules need to be defined in the company for DLP technology to work optimally

Click here to download the whitepaper:

Advanced Data Loss Prevention based on the principle “analyze, evaluate, block”


iQ.Suite for automated and reliable centralized DLP:

  • Identification of sensitive information in email texts and attachments
  • Detection of behavior anomalies in email transmission
  • Double-check (four-eyes) principle review and release of stopped emails
  • Educational notification feature that strengthens the security awareness of employees
  • Web-based dashboard for visualization of key figures
  • Compliance with current data protection guidelines


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