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FastWorks – Compliance Management solution for Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Organizations today need to comply with an increasingly large number of regulations and reporting requirements related to their operations. All too often, the similarities across these regulations, industry standards and even corporate policies can overwhelm efforts to effectively and thoroughly identify and manage compliance risk.

FastWorks provides a framework that is helping organizations streamline their compliance journey, giving them the necessary controls and tools to proactively identify potential issues before they happen. The solution helps organizations to streamline compliance with regulations like ISO and OSHA.

FastWorks provides a suite of integrated applications that help support the administrative, management and reporting needs of any Compliance Management process.

FastWorks Features:

GBS FastWorks is a modular, “browser based” cloud solution, which features unrivalled efficiency and excellent usability. It has the benefits of providing a real-time management reporting tool to enable you to quickly and effectively “slice, dice and drill-down” on data that is reported into the system.

Improved Monitoring

Integrated Action Trackers – Gives real-time visibility on a person’s, teams and sites action plans.

Automated workflows, escalations & notifications – sending automated updates via your email platform.

Embedded analytics provide real time information and trends to identify the actions needed to reduce risk.

Verifiable Data

Centralized data – Reduces duplications by having one version of the truth.

Enhanced Data Security – Only authorised users can see data, restricted to division, site or role.

Controlled document register – Robust archive, evolution, accountability and audit trail for a solid legal defence.

Flexible Management

Flexible Searching

Mobile Access – Provides the ability to work remotely and “off-line”.

Manages document distribution and acknowledgements

Record & Manage Change Requests

Your benefits:

  • Easy access to key information
  • Improves efficiency & turnaround
  • Easily configured, intuitive design and easy navigation
  • Promotes collaboration, standardization, delegation and accountability
  • Helps achieve and maintain compliance to standards & practices
  • Enabling the reduction in: corporate risk, liability & claim costs; audit costs & fees; liability insurance premiums and administrative cost
  • Reduces productivity losses and absenteeism due to non-compliance and accidents

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