GBS announces the new iQ.Suite aaS: Cloud flexibility and strong email security in one

In its more than 25 years of cyber security expertise, GBS can clearly count the email management solution iQ.Suite among its most successful solutions. Now the company announces it will expand its offering and provide iQ.Suite as a service, combining its powerful features with the flexibility of the cloud to respond to changing market demands and customer needs. iQ.Suite aaS is now available to all customers who are already in Office 365 or plan to move to it.

GBS has a long and successful record of implementing iQ.Suite – an Enterprise-Level Email Security system, for some of the most demanding customers on the German market. Despite the very competitive environment and the pressure from the huge US vendors, GBS was able to prove the value of its solution and establish it on the market. iQ.Suite provides one of the most comprehensive sets of security features and capabilities and earned GBS top position in the DLP quadrant of the prestigious ISG Provider Lens™ study for four consecutive years.

Enhancing the built-in protection of Office 365
For several years now, more and more customers have been drawn to the flexibility of Microsoft Office 365, without the need to host, support, maintain and renew an on-prem email system. Although Microsoft has included security features in Office 365, most of them are aimed at the SMB market. They lack the flexibility, visibility and even the level of protection that enterprise customers need in order to apply internal and external regulations and validate their compliance with them.

GBS has recognized this problem and provides its customers with a solution that allows them to flexibly manage their enterprise-level security from the cloud. With iQ.Suite aaS, customers can enhance the features offered in Microsoft O365 to meet their expected level of protection and visibility, while benefiting from the same high degree of security as with the trusted iQ.Suite. iQ.Suite aaS is offered in packages so that customers can choose the one with the features that best suit their needs.

iQ.Suite aaS’ mechanisms to provide better protection
To illustrate the mechanisms with which iQ.Suite and iQ.Suite aaS provide superior email protection, we will look at how the solutions address the top 5 attack techniques used by cyber criminals.

Cascaded anti-malware scanning: While Microsoft provides zero information about the used scanning engine, iQ.Suite allows to choose from 4 different highly-ranked engines.
Scheduled scanning: Unlike other vendors, iQ.Suite enables the use of a predefined schedule for scanning the mailboxes with the latest versions of the engines, even of emails that have already been delivered.
The combination of proprietary content recognition technology and industry-leading anti-spam filters ensures maximum efficiency in detecting Phishing and offers a flexible way to “hide/block” active content from files.

BEC – Business Email Compromise
To prevent the use of deception and impersonation for payment scams, iQ.Suite can apply rules to prevent BEC. For example, detect an unapproved IBAN in emails and also trigger the 4-eye principle and alert the CFO.

Insider Threat
iQ.Suite provides intelligent content-driven security policies that check incoming, outgoing and internal traffic, identify suspicious and malicious behavior and apply the proper rules.

iQ.Suite applies email-based encryption, which combines content recognition, user interaction and PDF encryption for an easy yet powerful way to safely exchange sensitive information via email.

This combination of security mechanisms is what makes iQ.Suite so efficient and a leading Enterprise Email Management platform for on-premise solutions. iQ.Suite aaS steps on it to provide the same high level of protection to on-cloud customers, while giving them back the control that the cloud limits. With both solutions, GBS customers can now enjoy superior email security regardless of where they manage it.

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18 May 2022