GBS joins with DIGITALL the talks about digital transformation at the Business.Digital.Now! summit

DIGITALL and GBS experts joined the Business.Digital.NOW! 2022 (BDN) summit in May to raise awareness of two main aspects of digital transformation: the impact of digital solutions on business operations and the importance of security in digital communication. Through insightful panel discussions and showcasing the company’s security portfolio, DIGITALL’s experts spotlighted how digitalization is reshaping the opportunities and risks for businesses.

The two-day BDN event took place on 27th and 28th of May 2022 and was streamed online. It gathered more than 500 attendees and over 25 speakers who took part in numerous panels and presentations related to digital transformation. The BDN Summit was organized to engage digital visionaries in discussions and inspire people-centred digital transformation. At this edition, executives, experts and HR leaders from technology companies across industries explored topics such as the power of AI, building and maintaining strong client relationships, the future of industry, workforce, workplace and leadership.

Pavel Yosifov, Director Cyber Security Products of DIGITALL and GBS joined the first day of BDN, and took part in the panel discussion “Planet Hat-P-7b: The Transformers of the Enterprise: How digital solutions are shaping the way service and manufacturing companies are operating”. The talks highlighted how trends with far-reaching implications such as Smart Factory, Smart Cities and digital solutions for large enterprises are transforming the business and public environment.

Оn the second day of the summit, Pavel Yosifov was in his element, presenting the security expertise of GBS and DIGITALL and highlighting cyber security as an absolute prerequisite for building a sustainable business in the digital world. Many companies are still addressing the issue of cyber defense, mostly driven by regulatory requirements or only after the company has fallen victim to an attack and is suffering the consequences of business interruptions and immense financial losses.

Yosifov pointed out that each company has its own complex needs and therefore requires security solutions tailored to them. “Our philosophy is to help companies through a technology that is quick and easy to implement, provides a strong level of configuration flexibility, for the ones who need that, and gives them transparency with supreme protection and capabilities.” explains Yosifov.

In order to give companies optimal control over their security without struggling on their own, DIGITALL provides SOC services that allow the right level of transparency and clarity to validate an organisation’s security maturity. With the help of SOC (Security Operations Center), companies can identify security breaches and respond appropriately when they occur. In addition, employees can receive security awareness trainings to help them recognize and prevent threats that are based on social engineering and exploit human error.

As communication is one of the main attack points for a company, protecting email and collaboration platforms (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive) has to be a top priority. The importance of communication has driven GBS as part of DIGITALL to develop its own innovative technologies to protect it. Yosifov is responsible for this technology at GBS, which has been developing advanced email and collaboration platform security products for more than 25 years. At the core of these products is the protection of the most vulnerable communication from all types of malware, spam and data leaks, as well as ensuring productivity and compliance through features such as absence management, signature and disclaimer management and email archiving. A central solution that is flexible, easy to use and automates all security rules relieves employees of manual tasks and prevents errors, thereby safeguarding a uniform level of security throughout the company.

For more information, see GBS Cyber Security Portfolio.