GBS’s Cybersecurity portfolio recognized at 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Awards


The annual ISG Provider Lens™ awards ceremony took a virtual form this year to honor the top performing companies in different technology areas covered by the study. The prestigious market research institute distinguished GBS in the category “Cyber Security Solutions & Services” for its solutions iQ.Suite DLP Advanced and iQ.Suite 360.

GBS has over 20 years of expertise in Cybersecurity and takes top spots in the ISG-study for the fourth year in a row. To date, ISG professionals have identified GBS as a successful expert in email security and Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP) in the German region. In the current edition of the study, the company not only confirmed its leadership position in DLP, but also added social collaboration security to that list of competencies with the help of iQ.Suite 360.

With the increasing adoption of remote work and the massive rise in cyberattacks, GBS has made it its mission to provide comprehensive threat protection on all levels. The company’s strategy focuses on providing customers with real added value through own solutions that combine all layers of security while remaining flexible and adaptable. At the same time they are easy to manage, enabling GDPR compliance and, most importantly, compatible with multiple platforms.

What is more, the company never stops enhancing its solutions. In recent months, GBS has added support for MS Teams and SharePoint to iQ.Suite 360. To allow customers even more flexibility, GBS is now also expanding its acclaimed iQ.Suite email security solution and offering it as an as-a-service.

ISG Dataleakage Prevention

What does iQ.Suite DLP Advanced offer?

The study concludes that GBS’ iQ.Suite DLP Advanced is a sophisticated DLP solution, whose granular functionalities and frameworks ensure that DLP scenarios can be implemented quickly, flexibly, both tailor-made and customer-specific. Unlike solutions from other vendors, iQ.Suite DLP Advanced supports multiple tenants and can be manage centrally and at low cost. Its superior protective action lies in its ability to detect behavioral anomalies in email communication as well as sensitive content in email texts and attachments. In addition, it provides the proven four-eyes control principle inclusive approval by a specified person ensuring that information outflows are controlled. As the study states, GBS and its solutions comply with the requirements of the GDPR to a great degree through detailed notifications of security incidents for the timely reporting of data breaches.

What are the advantages of iQ.Suite 360?

The GBS solution iQ.Suite 360 is part of the GBS portfolio since spring 2020. New gateways and attack vectors are emerging due to the fact that more and more channels, complex IT environments, and a large number of platforms are completely in the cloud. The modern cloud solution iQ.Suite 360 addresses this issue by protecting collaboration and communication tools easily, effectively and from a central location. The platform helps companies to act in a timely manner with a centralized Cloud solution that fits both enterprises and small companies. The unique combination of 360° protection, simplicity, multitenancy, one-policy approach and attractive price model is what delivers a broader scope of capabilities than other solutions.

ISG Provider Lens™ is a renowned practitioner-led study conducted in 20 countries to identify the best performing organizations in a range of technology categories. Analysts carry out in-depth research and an independent evaluation of vendors within a country, region or worldwide to select the vendors, which demonstrate the most outstanding performance, unique selling propositions and competitive advantage in their market segment.