Automated archiving of
incoming and outgoing emails

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iQ.Suite Bridge – legally compliant mail archiving


When it comes to archiving emails in a legally secure way, a consistent and tamper-proof process is essential for both incoming and outgoing communication. Emails should thus be transferred into the archiving system before they are delivered to the recipient. There are also numerous requirements concerning interaction with third-party systems within companies. As a result, it can prove necessary to combine email systems with existing ERP, CRM or DMS systems. In this environment, iQ.Suite Bridge offers the necessary functionalities in its role as a compliance and archiving interface.


iQ.Suite Bridge helps you resolve one of the greatest challenges posed by email archiving: the automated safeguarding of all incoming and outgoing email communication at a central location. This is based on an efficient system of rules that can be easily adapted to your individual requirements. This way, you can be sure that no company-related emails will go missing.

Your benefits:

  • Seamless integration of email communication into business processes
  • Full archiving prior to delivery to user mailbox
  • Tamper-proof and fully automatable
  • Complies with legal and corporate requirements
  • Intelligent pre-classification is possible with iQ.Suite Wall
  • Use of conventional functions of archiving systems: auditing acceptability, indexing, searching, retrieval and recovery of archived data
  • Link to external archives and use of existing archive functionalities
  • Flexible data exchange between email system and business applications
  • Link to compliance systems for audits, pre- and post-reviews