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iQ.Suite Budget – efficient control of email costs


Only those who have in-depth knowledge of email communication know how to optimize it. But how many emails are sent each day? How large are these emails? And which file attachments leave the company? Many companies do not know the answers to these questions. Yet this information is vital if they want to analyze their infrastructures and keep the resulting costs under control. When IT departments act as profit centres, detailed breakdowns (e.g., by user groups or business units) are an important aspect.


With iQ.Suite Budget, you can benefit from an efficient email controlling tool. It carries out a comprehensive evaluation of all email communication using economic criteria. In addition, it can generate detailed statistics regarding email communication, with a granular breakdown into elements such as quantity, attachments, virus infection, department size and much more. This means that efficient controlling of email communication is now possible for the first time. Moreover, you can create the basis for a cost allocation based on the profit centre, or establish budget limits for particular user groups.

Your benefits:

  • Logs email traffic
  • Reporting based on the drill-down principle
  • Reporting by type and size of file attachments (e.g., by file extension)
  • Creates custom reporting templates and reports
  • Reporting on emails according to user groups or areas, based upon internal and external addresses
  • Reports email costs with definition of different cost rates
  • Defines email budget
  • Graphic display of reports in diagrams and overviews for management