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iQ.Suite Clerk – rule-based delegation management


Do you know who processes emals while employees are absent? Or do the remain unanswered? Whether it is a planned or unforeseen absence, it is essential to have a process that ensures emails are processed or forwarded, since they may be important inquiries that require a prompt reply. However, you should be aware that, in line with statutory or internal regulations, no emails with sensitive or confidential content are forwarded to unauthorized employees during the absence of particular people. So how can you introduce a central absence management system and implement it according to company standards?


By determining flexible staff replacement regulations, iQ.Suite Clerk procides the answer to your absence management challenges. The central absence management system ensures that work processes do not come to a halt. For certain events, previously defined actions are set in motion using individual guidelines. The automated classification of emails enables precise detection and appropriate forwarding or redirection, with the ability to redirect emails to various authorized recipients. Absence management is activated by the relevant person directly, by the secretarial staff or by other authorized employees. For you, this means that no more inquiries will go unanswered. Your customers will be grateful for it.

Your benefits:

  • Easily configurable, central email redirection through authorized users and administration
  • Easily configurable setup of substitute documents for quarantine using iQ.Suite Portal
  • User-definable deputies – either groups or individuals
  • User-definable forwarding times
  • Exclusion of sensitive or encrypted messages and prevention of forwarding mail from specified senders
  • Read confirmation from deputy to absentee
  • Central overview of all absences for authorized users
  • Definition of forwarding settings for other users or user groups through authorized users (e.g., if a user is on sick leave)
  • Restriction of internal and external mail forwarding through authorized users
  • User-definable notification text with variables for sender and deputy Automatic detection of new mailboxes
  • Integration in the iQ.Suite Portal