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Block ransomware Trojans
and convert email attachments

Challenge: Trojans in email attachments

Hackers increasingly misuse Office documents to spread hidden Trojans in macros. If a malicious code reaches the target system, data is encrypted and significant ransom sums are demanded from unsuspecting users.

Now, thanks to iQ.Suite Convert, it’s possible to use CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) technology to stop ransomware Trojans such as Locky and TeslaCrypt in their tracks. And if you’re also looking to convert email attachments to PDF or ZIP formats, then iQ.Suite is the perfect solution for you!

The solution to prevent dangerous macros in Office files

With iQ.Suite Convert ransomware Trojans don’t have a chance. Two options are available:

1. Suspicious Office documents are identified in interplay with iQ.Suite Watchdog. Subsequently, iQ.Suite Convert removes the potentially dangerous macros and delivers the cleaned file to the recipient. At a later point in time, the recipient can optionally request delivery of the original file.

2. Alternatively, emails containing potentially dangerous Office documents can be stopped and converted to PDF format with iQ.Suite Convert. The recipient receives the initial attachment as a PDF file. Active malicious code no longer poses a threat. An additional virus scan can be conducted on the original email attachment with the antivirus solution iQ.Suite Watchdog at a later time. If the file is classified as not dangerous, it is delivered in the original format. Whatever your decision, with iQ.Suite Convert you’ll be well-armed to battle off Trojans in Office documents.

Safe transfer by converting to PDF format

Often, it makes good sense not to send original email attachments. PDF is a smart alternative when removing histories or user data from Office documents or standardising file formats. iQ.Suite Convert takes on the task: Whether it be Office documents or graphics, nearly every format can be converted and sent as a PDF file. Using flexible rules, based for example on file type or size, iQ.Suite converts email attachments centrally. The centralised conversion also prevents changes from being made to the files. iQ.Suite Convert converts files to PDF/A, the recognised format for archiving purposes as well.

Increase performance with file compression

Whether sending or receiving, the transfer of email attachments, especially large files, places a burden on the network infrastructure, using up valuable storage capacity. With iQ.Suite Convert, this loss of performance becomes a thing of the past! Using flexible rules, email attachments are compressed centrally on the server and converted to ZIP format. You’ll profit from smaller mailboxes and improved performance in your email infrastructure.

Your benefits:

  • Protection against ransomware and encryption Trojans
  • Removal of malicious macros from Office files
  • Conversion of email attachments to PDF or PDF/A
  • Removal of hidden information, for example histories
  • Centralised ZIP compression of email attachments
  • Compression reduces size of email attachments and provides server relief