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Central management and superior email protection for your

iQ.Suite is an Email Management and Collaboration Security platform that provides enterprise-level security, productivity and compliance
for your communication.

Email remains the most common channel used by cybercriminals to attack enterprises. As the requirements and scope of email security grow, organizations need a centralized solution to manage this complexity.

For many years, iQ.Suite has been providing to thousands of customers one of the most comprehensive email protection and capabilities on the market. On-premise, it covers both Domino and Microsoft Exchange and integrates seamlessly with any other email solution through SMTP.

In the cloud, our solution is offered as a Service iQ.Suite aaS so customers can benefit from the flexibility and ease of use without having to manage it themselves.

Now, we have also extended the security coverage of iQ.Suite to collaboration platforms in the cloud (iQ.Suite 360) to ensure a holistic protection of all communication channels of companies.


iQ.Suite covers all relevant aspects of a universal email management and email protection solution

iQ.Suite offers

  • Effective email protection against cyber attacks
  • Central management for easy adoption and operation
  • Flexibility that allows companies to tailor the technology to their exact business and legal requirements
  • Modularity that allows customers to adopt only the parts of our technology they actually need
  • Architecture that enables deep integration with HCL Domino, Microsoft Exchange and MS365, but can also cover any other email SMTP service
  • Great possibility for companies to adopt Cloud technologies while keeping control over their data and information security management

Features Highlights

Detect insider threat

The entire communication of your organization is covered by checking not only incoming and outgoing communication, but also internal one

Retro-active scanning

Scan your mailboxes with the latest possible malware definitions, covering both data in-motion and data at rest (e.g. mails in the inbox)

Wrong recipient protection

Make sure you never accidentally send important data to the wrong recipient again, thanks to the combination of content recognition capabilities and unique encryption methodology

Content-driven encryption

Encrypt your email communication based on the data it contains, its recipient and/or at the sender’s initiative

Active-content removal

Remove active content from attachments to prevent that even trusted and whitelisted domains are used to harm your users and organization

Dynamic Email Signature

Ensure emails from your organization are amended by the proper contact details and legal disclaimers, but also be able to manage them dynamically and centrally in order to support campaign-driven initiatives

Business Email Compromise

Combine intelligent content-driven security with rules and internal processes to protect your organization from the growing threat of Business Email Compromise

Content-driven security

Content is everything and we recognize this by providing you with a content recognition masterpiece that meets your exact needs and expectations in terms of incoming, outgoing or even internal email communication

Apply business policies to email communication

Create and apply business-oriented policies in order to ensure company and regulatory rules are followed and enforced

iQ.Suite as a Service – Email management and protection in the cloud

iQ.Suite as a Service (aaS) is a cloud-based security service that provides the necessary enterprise-class security to customers who are moving to Microsoft 365 or are already there.

Although Microsoft 365 has some great security mechanisms and policies, they are rarely flexible and customizable enough for most mid-sized and enterprise companies to apply and enforce their own policies, processes and security controls. iQ.Suite aaS brings unique and powerful functionality from the on-premises world to on-cloud customers and allows them to quickly and cost-effectively enjoy the same benefits, security, visibility and control.

iQ.Suite as a Service is offered as subscription to match the licensing models of Cloud providers, customers are used to.


Would you like to learn more about how our iQ.Suite technology can strengthen your email protection and empower your business?

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