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iQ.Suite Safe – Automated email filing


The traceability of business e-mail communication is becoming more and more important against the background of increasing regulatory requirements. In the financial world in particular, it is important to store incoming and outgoing e-mails in a legally secure manner. Companies do not always want to acquire a complex archiving system for the storage and traceability of electronic communication. What is needed is a lean solution that integrates seamlessly with IBM Domino and keeps the e-mail traffic tamper-proof.


Under IBM Domino, iQ.Suite Safe enables the orderly, traceable archiving of e-mails and thus enables you to access information that has been sent by e-mail at any time. You use policies to decide which e-mails are included and define the access rights to the archived e-mails. E-mails are stored centrally and transparently in various logical archives before they are delivered to the recipient. This rules out manipulation by the user. Using multiple archives, searching and restoring archived emails is also possible. In conjunction with the iQ.Suite Bridge module, you can transfer emails archived in iQ.Suite Safe to an audit-proof archive system at any time. You use the set guidelines to define the group of people for seamless journaling and the access rights to archived e-mails. Optionally, you can define whether and which emails should be archived in encrypted form and provided with a digital signature. This ensures that the archived data cannot be changed.

Your benefits:

  • Rule-based, central email archiving in HCL Domino databases
  • Complete traceability of the entire e-mail traffic
  • Central logging of incoming/outgoing and internal emails
  • E-mail storage on central IBM Domino servers / databases
  • Creation of new archive databases according to individual specifications (threshold / size / time)
  • Automatic monitoring of available disk space
  • Sender/recipient dependent email archiving
  • Encrypted archiving and protection against unauthorized access to the archive
  • Signed archiving to prevent tampering with stored emails