Categories: blog, EncryptionPublished On: November 24, 2021

Online discussion “Email Encryption with S/MIME and PGP” with our security expert Dr. Rolf Kremer

Host of the discussion is the Tuesday Afternoon Club, dedicated to algorithmic challenges.

DIGITALL has the pleasure to invite you to the online discussion “Email Encryption with S/MIME and PGP” presented by the cyber security expert Dr. Rolf Kremer, VP R&D of GBS Europa, which is part of DIGITALL. The event is organized by the Tuesday Afternoon Club, founded by the IT-collective MNKnowledge.

Tuesday Afternoon Club, which had its premiere in the first half of 2020, is a series of online talks that brings together people with expertise and interests in algorithmic topics. The initiative aims to engage the algorithm community (university professors, industry professionals, and students seeking to advance in the field) and keep it active through exciting challenges.

The fourth edition of the Tuesday Afternoon Club, which includes several talks, kicked off in early November. Among the highlights of this edition is the discussion on encryption of e-mails based on S/MIME and PGP infrastructure, which Dr. Rolf Kremer will present on November 30 at 5:30pm CET.

Encryption of emails has become standard in today’s communication in order to protect the content from unwanted access. One approach is to use encryption methods based on S/MIME or OpenPGP.

The session will cover standard S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), including the latest version 4.0, as well as the OpenPGP (Open Pretty Good Privacy) standard. A comparison between the two will also be provided.

Join the discussion in English – registration is free for you!

About the Speaker

Dr. Rolf Kremer holds a PhD from Paderborn University. For the last 5 years he has been Vice President of the R&D team of GBS Europa GmbH. Founded in Germany, GBS has been a cyber security expert for over 30 years and offers one of the most comprehensive and innovative email protection products on the German market. Since 2017, GBS has been part of DIGITALL (BULPROS at the time).