GBS releases iQ.Suite 360, a modern Cloud solution for protection of collaboration and communication platforms

With iQ.Suite 360, GBS releases a solution for the central protection of collaboration and communication platforms and transfers its longstanding expertise in the area of email security to a modern and holistic Cloud solution.

iQ.Suite 360 reflects the shift towards modern collaboration and meeting tools in companies. As a result, more and more channels are moved to the Cloud and IT environments are getting increasingly complex. This leads to the emerging of additional gateways and attack vectors. iQ.Suite 360 addresses these increased security requirements.

While most companies continuously improve security measures in email communication, protection of collaboration and meeting tools against malicious files that enter the company via SharePoint or Messenger, for example, is often completely neglected.

Available as Cloud service, iQ.Suite 360 closes this gap and protects the communication and collaboration technology against dynamic, always evolving threats. iQ.Suite 360 is the right solution for both enterprise and small environments.

With iQ.Suite 360, companies can effectively secure communication and information exchange both between their own employees and with external communication partners. Under the motto “simplicity first”, complex compliance and security tasks within the company are facilitated. Security policies can be configured once and then applied to all supported channels. The multitenancy capability also enables the segregation of subsidiaries, legal entities, etc.

iQ.Suite 360 Threat Protection for SharePoint is the first service from iQ.Suite 360 and offers multi-level malware protection for SharePoint environments.

“By using multiple scan engines from well-known premium vendors, we offer effective multi-level protection against malware as well as the option of time-controlled scanning of the entire SharePoint environment outside of working hours. The versioning of document libraries makes it possible to scan not only current, but also old document versions with the latest patterns. Furthermore, detailed audits and reports ensure the compliance with GDPR requirements”, explained Christian Zakrzynski, Senior Product Manager at GBS Europa GmbH, about the advantages.

GBS offers free 30-minute webinars and provides information on how companies can use iQ.Suite 360 to easily and effectively implement the centralized protection of collaboration and communication platforms.

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28 April 2020