Does Cyber Insurance protect your business and how do you prepare for it?

What does Cyber Insurance protect you from? Cyberattacks affect businesses of all sizes and even protected businesses fall victim In times when an attack by cyber criminals is not a question of “if” but [...]

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Germany – a prime target for cybercriminals, with a medium level of security

How resilient are German companies to cyber threats? Almost 92% of organisations have experienced cyber attacks Hardly anyone who has read the recent cyber security headlines has any doubt that ransomware is the biggest [...]

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5 ways the four-eyes principle protects your sensitive data

The power of double-checking with four-eyes principle Ensures high level of security and transparent accountability Every organization needs to protect its data, particularly the sensitive information that greatly affects its performance, image and profit. [...]

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Log4j – one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities in the last few years!

Log4j allows access to server iQ.Suite is not vulnerable Log4j has become interestingly popular in the last several days, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. On the 9th of December, a critical vulnerability was discovered [...]

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Online discussion “Email Encryption with S/MIME and PGP” with our security expert Dr. Rolf Kremer

Host of the discussion is the Tuesday Afternoon Club, dedicated to algorithmic challenges. DIGITALL has the pleasure to invite you to the online discussion “Email Encryption with S/MIME and PGP” presented by the cyber [...]

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