Required file replacement for all iQ.Suite customers with Kaspersky AntiVirus SDK!

GBS would like to inform about a change in Kaspersky Scanner, which requires our customers to replace a file in order to continue ensuring smooth and optimal protection of their emails.

In December, we experienced difficulties with the pattern download for our OEM Kaspersky Scanner. These were caused by a change in Kaspersky’s infrastructure, which caused the pattern download to stop working. Thanks to the efforts and close cooperation of GBS Support and Kaspersky, the situation was resolved and Kaspersky reversed the update.

However, Kaspersky will reactivate its infrastructure update in January. All versions of iQ.Suite (Microsoft/SMTP, Domino, Update Manager) are affected! Our development team has adapted a file (KasperskyUpdate.exe) in our iQ.Suite to download the AV patterns to incorporate the changes made by Kaspersky. All iQ.Suite customers using Kaspersky AntiVirus SDK (Kaspersky Watchdog Option, Kaspersky Cloud Option (KSN), Kaspersky Anti-Phishing Option) will have to download the file to update their systems.

Please download KasperskyUpdate.exe for your iQ.Suite Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SMTP or Update Manager and replace it in the appropriate subdirectory of iQ.Suite as soon as possible to ensure that the scanner works with optimal efficiency.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team or GBS Support.

12 January 2022