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Centralized and flexible enterprise-wide Absence Management

Most enterprise email and calendar tools offer the option for individual automatic out-of-office notification (as part of absence management), but not everybody takes advantage of it. Absence management, on the other hand, is far more complex and refers to policies and procedures aimed at managing and reducing employee absenteeism, optimizing productivity and preventing disruptions of the business process.

If an employee suddenly calls in sick, someone has to remotely place an absence notification for them or set automatic forwarding to another employee. This ensures that important emails are processed promptly and that the sender is duly informed of the recipient’s absence. In the enterprise environment, however, there are a number of requirements for which existing email tools do not provide sufficient solutions by default.

iQ.Suite – Creating rule-based disclaimers and consistent signatures

iQ.Suite eliminates the need to set up out-of-office notifications manually and expands the options for absence management using centrally defined rules and procedures. The following features make this possible:

  • Easily configurable, centralized email redirection by authorized users and administrators
  • Easy delegation of absence management rights from specific groups of people, e.g. in the case of unforeseen absences, such as illness or termination of employment
  • Freely definable substitutes as well as period of forwarding
  • Multiple absence notifications per user allow planning into the future
  • Retroactive forwarding of older messages to the mailbox of the substituting person
  • Flexible system of rules with e.g. the possibility of content-related forwarding or exceptions for certain sender-recipient combinations
  • Mobile management of out-of-office notifications from any device, e.g. via Outlook Client, Outlook Web Access, Powershell or apps for Android and iOS

Your benefits:

  • Manage absences centrally and according to the company’s needs
  • Ensure that time-critical e-mails are processed during absences
  • Handle unplanned absences quickly and efficiently without workflow disruptions
  • Improve planning of absences
  • Ensure higher process security
  • Implement a uniform appearance of the out-of-office notifications in the corporate design
  • Increase flexibility in handling absence messages
  • Manage out-of-office notifications even from outside the workplace
  • Central overview of all absences for authorized users

iQ.Suite for Absence Management:

iQ.Suite Clerk 

Central absence management and forwarding of emails

available for Domino, Microsoft, on-prem and cloud

Do you want to manage the absences in your company centrally and efficiently?

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Don’t underestimate the importance of Absence Management

Unplanned absences can disrupt the normal flow of every company. Especially during busy periods. But in smaller companies, the lack of absence management can have a much greater impact on the daily work routine. The logic is simple – the smaller the team, the more dependant employees are on each other, as each team member has a larger area of responsibilities.

Regardless of the business size, every missing employee means that at least the most urgent and essential responsibilities have to be temporarily reassigned. This can not only reduce productivity and increase stress, but also leave substituting employees wondering what needs to be done and how. And imagine you need to maintain the email communication with partners or clients, but you don’t even have access to the incoming mails from them.

If you are able to respond quickly to an email (e.g. an offer request or an enquiry), this can already bring you ahead of your competitors. It is not just about having unified automated out-of-office notifications that are compliant with corporate design.

If you can set centrally to whom can the email flow of an absent employee be forwarded you can prevent disruptions of work flows. At the same time, you thus establish clear responsibilities according to defined roles and avoid misunderstandings and delays.

This way, your company remains as productive as possible and you don’t miss business opportunities, even when you are not working at full capacity.