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Prevent spam by automatically analyzing and classifying your emails

Spam is an unwanted message (usually advertising or clickbait) sent in bulk to a large number of recipients. But those mails go far beyond just being annoying. They can contain dangerous content such as malware that spreads in the organization or phishing links that lure to criminal websites that steal data. And at the same time, due to their large volume, they distract from the actual emails, putting heavy load on your email and reducing productivity. Disclosing your email only to trusted sources and neither clicking nor replying to spam email you receive no longer offers an efficient protection against spam.
The best way to prevent spam remains spam filtering tools and anti-virus software. And since there is still no single technology that can provide complete protection, it is best to combine several powerful technologies to achieve maximum results.

iQ.Suite – multi-level spam filter with content recognition

iQ.Suite goes beyond being a clever spam filter with efficiency of up to 100%. Its advanced functionality provides a multi-layer protection for your email:

Content analysis and recognition

Thanks to its efficient text analysis and classification technology, iQ.Suite scans for certain words, images or predefined filters to classify corporate content and differentiate between business mails, junk, spam, confidential info or offensive content.

Analysis procedures

Through a combination of different analysis methods, sensitive data in emails or attachments can be easily identified.

Automated blacklists and whitelists

Blacklisting protects you by blocking emails from proven spammers, dangerous or suspicious sources. Whitelisting places trusted subscribers, partners and suppliers on a safe sender list to improve deliverability and generate higher engagement.

The self-learning email analysis

(CORE – Content Recognition Engine)
Supports spam protection and lays the foundation for a convenient, automated email classification system that can detect confidential emails before they are sent. It makes sorting, distributing and prioritizing incoming emails fast and easy.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive, multi-level protection against spam and other unwanted or inappropriate email content
  • Applying corporate policies to prevent from prohibited, undesirable or confidential content
  • Enforce your policies for forbidden/unwanted communication with specific domains or accounts
  • User-specific whitelist and blacklist administration on the server
  • Identify specific email communication streams and easily apply different policies for proper governance and adequate security without impacting business processes
  • Define appropriate user notifications about blocked emails that match your processes and specifics
  • Email classification based on content recognition, which makes it possible to improve some business processes, such as customer support and communication

IQ.Suite for Spam & Content Recognition:

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Protection against spam, junk mail through content analysis and categorization of emails

Available for Domino, Microsoft, on-prem and cloud

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