Comprehensive spam protection and
intelligent content analysis for improved security

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iQ.Suite Wall – multi-level spam filter


iQ.Suite Wall is the comprehensive solution for content analysis and protection against spam.  A combination of different analysis procedures and optional integration of cloud-based recognition technology makes a spam recognition rate of up to 100% possible. Automated blacklists and whitelists detect business-related emails and ensure guaranteed delivery. In combination with our efficient text analysis and classification technology, even emails and file attachments with sensitive content can be detected and filtered.

This self-learning email analysis (CORE – Content Recognition Engine) not only supports spam protection, but is also the basis for a convenient, automated email classification system that can detect confidential emails before transmission. With this tool, sorting, distributing and prioritizing incoming emails is a breeze.


Spam is, and will remain, the number one productivity killer in companies. We therefore need a solution that reliably protects users and infrastructures from spam. So how about a technology that can classify additional corporate content? For example, this could be useful for preventing the transmission of confidential data and for protecting your intellectual property. Another appropriate scenario could be the categorization of emails (e.g., for testing and release procedures). This is where iQ.Suite Wall comes into play.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive, multi-level protection against spam and uncontrolled email usage
  • Checks in accordance with corporate policies for prohibited, undesirable or confidential content
  • Central quarantine management with user-specific access rights
  • Block for email from undesirable senders and to undesirable recipients (e.g., competitors)
  • User-specific whitelist and blacklist administration on the server
  • Automatic, rule-based entry of communication partners in whitelists
  • Specification of sender/recipient channels to govern email communications
  • Central check on encrypted emails by a combination of iQ.Suite Wall and iQ.Suite Crypt Pro
  • Sends flexible notification about blocked emails to administration or recipient/sender
  • Better response management thanks to defined classifications (e.g., for customer support)
  • Optional integration of cloud-based recognition technology to ward previously unknown spam threats.