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Whitepaper: Internal and external encryption with iQ.Suite Exchange

Encryption is undeniably one of the most important cornerstones of data security today. Regulations require that companies encrypt their sensitive and confidential data to prevent it from falling into the hands of unauthorised persons. This also goes for the most popular attack channel for hackers – email communication.

But do you know how encryption works, what options are available and which type of encryption is most suitable according to the situation?

GBS’s whitepaper “Internal and external encryption with iQ.Suite Exchange” explains encryption in an easy to understand way. In it you will find:

  • which mechanisms are used for encryption
  • descriptive infographics
  • comprehensible case study
  • implementation options

Click here to download the whitepaper:

Our Encryption Solutions

for easy and reliable centralised encryption:

iQ.Suite Crypt Pro:

Central, server-based encryption of external and internal data based on the industry standards S/MIME and PGP


iQ.Suite PDFCrypt:

PDF-based encryption for the secure sending of e-mails to partners who do not have their own encryption solution


iQ.Suite 360 Document Encryption:

Encryption of documents in Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive


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