Improved data protection and greater
confidentiality in email communication

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iQ.Suite Crypt Pro – server-based email encryption


Against the backdrop of current security scandals, data protection is gaining in importance for the exchange of business-related information online and by email. Email encryption is the key word when it comes to confidentiality and integrity in electronic communication. However, the use of an email encryption solution can be challenging. Its complexity, in particular for client-based processes, often prevents company-wide use. iQ.Suite Crypt Pro tackles this challenge through its automated and user-transparent support of leading encryption standards.


Using iQ.Suite Crypt Pro, the entire encryption and decryption process is carried out on a server. In doing so, the solution is integrated with the existing email server and therefore does not need to be installed on workstations. The central server-based process reduces the amount of keys and certificates required and simultaneously enables central, efficient management. In combination with iQ.Suite Watchdog and iQ.Suite Wall, encrypted emails can be checked for spam and viruses.

Your benefits

  • Server-based, central email encryption and signature
  • Training is no longer required for end users
  • Parallel support of PGP, GnuPG and S/MIME
  • Central, multi-client-enabled key and certificate management
  • Appropriate encryption methods are selected automatically in line with corporate guidelines
  • Centralized storage of personal and company-related public keys on the server
  • Integration of PKI structures
  • Encryption management based on sender-recipient combinations, groups and domains
  • Connection to official trust centres such as S-Trust
  • Import and export of certificates and keys
  • Certificate-based digital ID (digital signing) of emails for their verification
  • Requests and revocation of certificates
  • Use of existing LDAP directories
  • Separate certificate management in an individual key database
  • Server-to-server encryption to establish secure communication channels
  • Client-to-server encryption (e.g., for external users with client-based encryption from other manufacturers)
  • Fully compatible with end-to-end encryption
  • Use of existing S/MIME, PGP or GnuPG certificates
  • In conjunction with WebCryptPro, email encryption can be used for communication partners without their own encryption solution
  • Virus/content checking of encrypted emails in combination with iQ.Suite Watchdog and iQ.Suite Wall