Managed Endpoint Detection and Response
Breach Defense Made in Germany

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Endpoints under attack? Stop the damage with Managed Endpoint Detection and Response.

24/7 Malware protection from German security experts

Every day, organisations get hacked despite antivirus, endpoint protection and firewalls. Once malware is inside the company’s system, a quick response is vital to block malicious code from spreading. What Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR) delivers beyond EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is immediate response capabilities and a 24/7 monitoring by a dedicated team of highly skilled security specialists.

Additionally, the support is entirely German and you have around the clock access to know-how. Thus, with MEDR you get a full detection-analysis-response package for elimination of malware that offers your organsisation far greater value and higher security level.

Stops attacks, malware and espionage

Fast response to stop spreading of malware

Expert-level security without own team

Service package scalable to company needs

Advanced Threat Detection sensors

Web console for an oversight in real time

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response – Protection made in Germany:

  • Data remains in Germany – G DATA Servers are in Bochum, Cloud servers of partner IONOS (certified by the government) are in Germany
  • 24/7 Support from skilled German speaking security experts
  • Technology developed in Germany – from the central analysis backend to the web console


Your PoC is reimbursed with a contract!

How do organisations benefit from the MEDR Services:

  • Company data does not leave the EU or Germany and a direct contact with a German support team is ensured
  • Suitable for every industry, especially for organisations with high security requirements
  • Offers advanced protection for high-risk sectors such as public sector, government agencies, CRITIS

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response is a service from our partner G DATA that deploys a team of German cyber security experts to monitor the customer’s IT systems, around the clock. Using advanced Threat Detection sensors, they detect attacks on endpoints, analyze them, notify the customer and respond before the malicious code causes damage. This gives the customer constant access to specialized security expertise and an immediate response to any incident, without keeping a dedicated team.

Malware prevention and protection by GBS & G DATA

Our solutions “Made in Germany” complement each other perfectly for a malware-proof defense

Secure all levels with solutions by GBS & G DATA

  • Email: Antivirus (on-prem or as a service) – advanced multi-layer prevention against all types of malware entering through email communication
  • Endpoints: Managed Endpoint Detection and Response – ensures 24/7 monitoring of endpoint by German team of cyber security experts. Through detection, analysis and immediate blocking of malicious code is guaranteed that the threat is eliminated before it causes damage.
  • People: Security Awareness Trainings – trains employees in an effective and lasting way to detect and remove social engineering threats in order to protect themselves and the company infrastructure.