iQ.Suite 360 Document Encryption

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Convenient and secure exchange of sensitive information in collaboration platforms with document encryption

With online collaboration platforms, data is now more dynamically processed and easier to access than ever before. iQ.Suite 360 Document Encryption is a service that enables companies to encrypt documents containing sensitive information that are stored and shared on different collaboration platforms in a simple, transparent, easy-to-use and yet secure way.

Examples of sensitive data:

  • Financial Records
  • Sensitive personal data
  • Contractual agreements
  • Corporate Intellectual Property
  • Anything you and your organization considers sensitive

The built-in tools of most collaboration platforms enforce encryption only on container level (SharePoint site, Team Channel, Tenant). This ensures the container itself is protected, but not the information inside, leaving it vulnerable, especially if you want to share it with partners outside your organization.

iQ.Suite 360 Document Encryption allows you to conveniently and securely exchange information between units, divisions, entities, contractors or other third parties leveraging the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256.This is a secure encryption technique approved by all authorities that can be activated and controlled by the user.

Features of iQ.Suite 360 Document Encryption


User-triggered encryption, applicable to sensitive files that contain a keyword, which triggers the encryption. For instance, “cryptme” in the file name.


Auto-triggered encryption, applied to confidential files stored in specific folders/ secured vaults.

Highlights of iQ.Suite 360 Document Encryption

Automatic and Manual Encryption

Enforce your company rules while allowing users to add to them

Easy and fast setup

No endpoint deployment is needed, just your rules and keywords

Covers the highest compliance requirements

Ensures that you meet the legal requirements for exchanging sensitive data

Take control back

You can see when and what sensitive info is stored/exchanged and ensure that the data owner has the key and can determine who to share it with.

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