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Are you overwhelmed with all the email compliance regulations?

The burden placed on companies by legal regulations for handling of personal data and email compliance has increased steadily in recent years. All European organizations are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which contains strict rules for safeguarding data privacy that also affect email.

Hence, Email Compliance means ensuring that a company’s email is in line with relevant government or industry-specific regulations, as well as internal policies. Failure to comply with these regulations has been shown to result in severe penalties. There is no recipe for optimal compliance, but depending on their activity, companies can define different aspects to improve their compliance.

How to ensure
Email Compliance:

  • Set internal policies – Know your data so you can define the right policies and mechanisms recommended by regulations based on data type and sensitivity.
  • Ensure protection – Ensure security by complying with regulatory security requirements and protecting the confidentiality of data, including defense against malware and other cyber threats.
  • Use encryption – Sending, receiving and storing confidential data should be secured by end-to-end encryption to prevent unauthorized access or leaks. If data is encrypted, the processor has ensured a basic level of security under the GDPR and need not report if it is stolen or lost.
  • Define permissions – Determine who has the right to work with sensitive information and ensure they do this in a compliant way. Define policies and mechanisms to identify and protect sensitive data in all other cases of exchange and communication.
  • Use disclaimers – The law requires that companies clearly state their privacy policy and inform their customers why they collect their data. Furthermore, when sending newsletters, notification emails or bulletins, companies should always include a visible unsubscribe option so that recipients can opt out of receiving unwanted emails.

GBS can help you make your
email compliant with regulations.

We offer:

Server-based Encryption

Server-based, central email encryption and signature

Setup secured connections with partners you often exchange sensitive data with

Central, multi-client-enabled key and certificate management

Appropriate encryption methods are selected automatically in line with corporate guidelines

Centralized storage of personal and company-related public keys on the server

Import and export of certificates and keys


PDF-based Message Encryption

Easy-to-use message encryption, driven by content or managed by the end users

Encryption of emails by leveraging a strong PDF encryption technology, that makes it extremely secure, yet easy to use by internal users and external recipients

No need for complex server-to-server setup

Flexible passkey management allowing you to define a pre-set passkey or a random one, based on need, use case and company policies


Disclaimer Management

Central, server-based integration of compulsory information in compliance with legal obligations

Automatic integration of legal disclaimers to comply with regulatory requirements

Compliance with corporate design and company policy


Data Loss Prevention

Identification of sensitive information in emails and attachments

Detection of anomalies in user email behavior patterns

Stopping of transmission of suspicious emails

Compliance with current data protection guidelines

Enforcing the 4-eye principle


Malware Protection

Apply multi-level malware protection to incoming, outgoing and also internal emails, as implied by regulations

Adopt analytic mechanisms such as Sandboxing to address Zero-day attacks


Do you want to ensure the email compliance of your company?

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