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For some organizations, the optimization of outgoing emails includes factors such as tracking and controlling costs and email budgeting. Knowing how your infrastructure is being used and staying within the allocated budget plays an important role, especially if certain departments are your cost centers.

To keep their costs under control, companies need to monitor how many emails are sent daily, how large these emails are and which file attachments leave the company. For example, if IT departments function as profit centers, a detailed breakdown (e.g. by user group or business unit) can provide crucial help in keeping the budget in check.

iQ.Suite – Efficient control of email costs

iQ.Suite enables companies to define and track their budget and costs and monitor their outbound email traffic via detailed reports. The following functions make this possible:

  • Logs email traffic
  • Reporting based on the drill-down principle
  • Reporting by type and size of file attachments (e.g. by file extension)
  • Creates custom reporting templates and reports
  • Reporting on emails according to user groups or areas, based upon internal and external addresses
  • Reports email costs with definition of different cost rates
  • Defines email budget
  • Graphic display of reports in diagrams and overviews for management

Your benefits:

  • Efficient tool for controlling of email costs
  • Comprehensive evaluation of all email communication using economic criteria
  • Detailed statistics regarding email communication, with a granular breakdown into elements such as quantity, attachments, virus infection, department size and much more.
  • Ability to create the foundation for a cost allocation based on the profit center or to establish budget limits for particular user groups.

IQ.Suite for Email Budgeting:

iQ.Suite Budget

Efficient control of email costs

available for Domino, on-prem and cloud

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