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Advanced email security for banks and the financial sector

For safe and compliant external and internal communication

Banks’ email communication is heavy with sensitive information. It is therefore no surprise they are among the five industries most affected by email security threats such as ransomware, phishing, malware and social engineering attacks. There is also the rapidly growing number of attacks on customers and partners such as bank spoofing, which make financial institutions involuntary participants in fraud. All this can lead to significant financial losses, but also to reputational damage and loss of trust among customers.

As a main pillar in the cyber security strategy, email security is not only a matter of maintaining customer trust and ensuring the stability and reliability of the financial system, but also of compliance. Banks and financial institutions are subject to strict regulatory requirements for data protection. If they fail to invest in adequate email security measures that safeguard sensitive information, prevent data breach and data leakage, they are at risk of regulatory fines.

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Our solutions for the financial sector:

All solutions are available for integration on-prem, in the cloud or in Domino.

Malware Protection:

Protection of sensitive data:

  • Encryption
    • Server-based
    • PDF-based
    • Digital signing of emails and
  • Data Loss Prevention in outgoing emails
    • Detection of suspicious text
    patterns, file types and behavioral
    • Blocking of sensitive emails from
    unauthorized employees
    • Double check principle

Security as a service:

All our solutions are available also as a service in the cloud.

We provide the know-how and 24/7 support, and manage, upgrade and maintain the infrastructure.

This gives you access to advanced technology, a wide range of specialised security skills and immediate incident response without the need to deploy in-house resources.

As your partner, we offer you:

  • Expertise in the financial sector, bank IT-infrastructure and
    compliance regulations
  • Experience through long-term partnerships with banks and financial institutions, as well as some of the biggest IT-service providers to the financial industry
  • Technical expertise and competent implementation On-prem or Cloud
  • Centrally managed and automated solutions and services tailored to the bank’s needs, that reduce staff workload, mistakes, improve efficiency and compliance with internal policies and legal regulations

About GBS

GBS is a distinguished provider of e-mail and collaboration security solutions in Germany with almost 30 years of experience in data protection, productivity and compliance.

We are recognized as a leader in cyber security solutions, particularly in the areas of Data Loss Prevention and Collaboration Security by top market researchers in Germany and by our partners.

GBS offers one of the most comprehensive next-generation solutions for e-mail productivity, compliance and multi-level protection of e-mail communication and data exchange across different collaboration platforms against all types of security threats. Our solutions for Microsoft 365, Office 365, Exchange and HCL Domino are easy to use and flexible, covering key areas such as malware protection, encryption, e-mail productivity, data leakage, workflow and compliance.