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Make your emails and disclaimer management compliant with legal requirements and corporate design

As a record of official communication, e-mails and disclaimer management are subject to numerous legal regulations that mandate the provision of specific statutory information. Since corporate compliance procedures are decentralized and often unclear to most employees, these regulations are not always followed correctly. Nevertheless, non-compliance carries the risk of fines or reprimands and looks unprofessional to partners. In addition, individual employee email signatures may not reflect the corporate image and requirements in terms of content or appearance.

A centralized tool for managing disclaimers and signatures ensures that all employees use the approved legal text in their communications and that their personal signatures are consistent with the corporate style.

iQ.Suite – Creating rule-base disclaimers and consistent signatures

iQ.Suite leverages the following features to provide flexible and compliant Disclaimer & Signature Management:

  • Centralized regulation for recipient and country-specific legal disclaimers – These disclaimers can be integrated into every outgoing email to reduce the liability risks for employees and managers at all levels.
  • Integrated rights and roles concept – Employees enjoy browser-based management of documents, graphics and file attachments at the click of a button, yet customizations can only be made by authorized persons.
  • Automated implementation of general and personalized email signatures – Employees are releaved of manually creating their individual signatures and can instead apply predefined sender information according to the company’s internal corporate design guidelines.
  • Adding of preferred text elements, images, vCards, QR codes and more space – Flexible and customizable creation of text and image fields.

Your benefits:

  • Central, server-based integration of compulsory information in compliance with legal obligations
  • Automatic integration of legal disclaimers
  • Integration of employee signatures from the central email address book
  • Compliance with corporate design
  • User-defined text attachments for specific time periods
  • Text attachments in different languages for different recipients
  • Easy, browser-based management of signature contents by individual company departments
  • Automatic dynamic signatures based on:
    – Internal vs. external recipient
    – Geo-location – the signature can be in different languages depending on the location of the sender
    – Campaigns – during time-limited activities, different people can have additional objects in their signatures

IQ.Suite for Disclaimer & Signature

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Centralized, rule-based creation of disclaimers and signatures in corporate design

Available for Domino, Microsoft, on-prem and cloud

Do you want to make your outgoing emails compliant with legal and corporate design requirements?

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Use case where a centralized Disclaimer & Signature solution can help

As a company with limited liability, Delfin Ltd must – according to UK law – include the information specified in the Companies Act in its business correspondence, including its emails. Because, to date, the company’s management has failed to take measures to incorporate this in-formation in all outbound emails, the Registry Court is now threatening a large fine. Disclaimer management is needed badly.

Delfin Ltd (a fictitious company) employs 500 people in three different locations and maintains contact with many customers and suppliers throughout Europe, America and Asia. Every employee has an email program and is connected to the Internet through a central mail server. For Delfin Ltd, email is the most important medium for communicating with customers and partners. The employees of each department structure their emails themselves, because there is no central solution for disclaimer managementor signature management. Some users append locally defined signatures to their emails, whose content differs from user to user. Some users include only their name, while others add their department and/or their phone number or simply their name and first name.

The Sales department of Delfin Ltd, which consists of about 20 employees, is divided into two separate sections for customer support and partner support. Accordingly, the information that is to be included in each section’s emails also differs. This information is currently copied manually (using Copy and Paste). Employees often use email to send product, price and special offer information to its customers and business partners and would benefit from disclaimer management. On a few occasions, there have already been disagreements between Delfin and customers, since the price information in the emails was sometimes not sufficiently clear, like whether the stated price already included VAT or not. Email correspondence with foreign business partners has also proven problematic due to misunderstandings because messages written in French conveyed incorrect or ambiguous information.