Simple and safe email encryption
using PDF standard

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iQ.Suite PDFCrypt – PDF-based email encryption


Sending encrypted emails simply, using the renowned PDF standard – no keys, certificates or software installation needed by the recipient! The process is convincingly simple: The email, including all file attachments, is converted into an encrypted PDF file automatically and sent to the recipient. All file attachments remain in original format. The recipient uses a password and a PDF reader to open the message in the mail client and saves the attachments.

Central password management enables automatic password creation and makes it possible to send the password directly to the recipient. Alternatively, the sender can request the password and communicate it to the recipient over the phone. Since decryption can be done using any smartphone or tablet that supports PDF, the recipient is not bound to a specific device.

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt is part of iQ.Suite, the comprehensive email management solution and can be supplemented with iQ.Suite Crypt Pro for B2B encryption and iQ.Suite WebCrypt Pro web-based B2C encryption.


Send emails safely to customers or business partners lacking their own encryption solution is a big challenge to companies. Elaborate management and high maintenance often make current solutions complex and disruptive to business operations. Are the communication partners using identical procedures? The same software? An encryption solution needs to remove these hurdles. iQ.Suite PDFCrypt does just that – and is simple to use, ensuring safe and secure email communication.

Your benefits:

  • Central PDF-based encryption (AES-128 bit and AES-256 bit)
  • Confidential email correspondence without PGP, S/MIME or PKI structures
  • Software installation for recipients unnecessary
  • File attachments remain in original format
  • Integrated password management
  • Optional manual password assignment by sender
  • Automatic password transmission to recipient or sender
  • Usable with any device and mail client
  • Certificate-based digital ID (digital signing) of files/ attachments for their verification