Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

GBS joins forces with partner G DATA to bring Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service

As a targeted approach to strengthen its cybersecurity offering, GBS is now announcing the expansion of its partnership with technology company G DATA to resell its new service – Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR). This step follows the successful collaboration in offering employee-friendly Security Awareness Trainings.

MEDR is a new addition to the G DATA portfolio that aims to improve defenses against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. What the managed service model offers on top of significantly enhanced technology compared to AV software is rapid response capabilities from a team of experienced security analysts. When the malware is already in the environment, this is the next layer of protection that stops it before it does any damage.

As part of the service, software components are installed on the endpoints (so-called “agents”). These already contain protection technologies with preventive functions. The core of MEDR lies however in the “managed” aspect. The automatic detection already cleans up many incidents, but these are not the critical cases. To identify these, the in-house teams would have to look at and analyze all possible reports from the AV software and the system (loglines) in detail. But they simply don’t have the time. This is exactly where the well-trained analysts of the MEDR service come in to examine and evaluate the cases individually 24/7.

One of the aspects that has particularly driven the collaboration between the two German cyber security companies is the synergy between their security products and services for prevention and protection. With antivirus software protecting email communications, MEDR safeguarding endpoints, and Security Awareness Trainings empowering employees, GBS together with G DATA offers a holistic and formidable defense against attacks on all fronts. GBS customers now have the opportunity to get a first impression of G DATA’s MEDR service during a trial version. The transition takes place seamlessly.

“Our customers now benefit from a holistic cybersecurity service that allows us to respond to all types of attacks around the clock in the best possible way, before ‘the child has fallen into the water’. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, our customers value the support of global partners and local expertise. GBS and G DATA combine their many years of expertise and together offer a comprehensive service that is perfectly designed for the current threat situation and is continuously developed and adapted.” comments Dr. Thomas Bruse, SVP of GBS.

“In GBS Europa, we have a partner at eye level. Thanks to our many years of IT security expertise, together we can react quickly to the individual needs of our customers and the market. Everyone benefits from the fact that we conduct research and software development exclusively in Germany. This also applies to service and support, which is available at any time,” explains Tobias Komm, Key Account Manager at G DATA.

Precisely this is the next aspect that connects GBS and G DATA – that that their solutions and services are “Made in Germany”. For MEDR, this applies in full, as the technology is developed in Germany, G DATA’s servers are located in Bochum and the cloud servers of its state-certified partner IONOS are also located in Germany. This ensures that the data is handled and processed in Germany, minimizing the risk of unwanted data leakage and GDPR violations.


About GBS  

GBS is a distinguished provider of e-mail and collaboration security solutions in Germany with almost 30 years of experience in data protection, productivity and compliance. The company is recognized as a leader in cyber security solutions, particularly in the areas of Data Loss Prevention and Collaboration Security by top market researchers in Germany and by our partners.

GBS offers one of the most comprehensive next-generation solutions for e-mail productivity, compliance and multi-level protection of e-mail communication and data exchange across different collaboration platforms against all types of security threats. Our solutions for Microsoft 365, Office 365, Exchange and HCL Domino are easy to use and flexible, covering key areas such as malware protection, encryption, e-mail productivity, data leakage, workflow and compliance.

GBS solutions protect more than 2 million end users worldwide. The company has built long-standing relationships with over 2,000 customers.

About G DATA CyberDefense

With holistic cyber defence services, G DATA CyberDefense makes you defensible against cybercrime. The renowned IT security company protects with AI technologies, endpoint protection, security monitoring and offers penetration tests, incident response and awareness training in order to secure companies in the best possible way.

G DATA CyberDefense AG supports its customers in every security situation. From the headquarters in Bochum, more than 550 employees ensure the digital security of companies, critical infrastructures such as hospitals or airports as well as millions of private users. With almost 40 years of expertise in malware analysis, G DATA has become a top player in the cybersecurity world and conducts research and software development exclusively in Germany. This also applies to service and support, which is available around the clock for customers all over the world. G DATA security solutions are available in more than 90 countries and have received numerous awards from independent test institutes.