GBS introduces Sophos URL scanner for even stronger protection against malicious links

Security experts today strongly recommend that companies diversify the risk of cyber threats by using multiple scanners as part of their security strategy. GBS is therefore pleased to announce that we are expanding our URL scanner portfolio with the highly trusted Sophos URL scanning engine. The new addition offers GBS customers a broader product choice and even more comprehensive protection against malicious links entering their business via email.

One of the easiest ways to steal employee’s credentials or spread malware on their endpoints is to send them emails with malicious links and trick them to click on them. Whether phishing or malicious links, the hackers are already so skilled at making the emails look legitimate that it is becoming almost impossible to recognise the scam. It is therefore vital for every organization to ensure that such URLs do not reach their users in order to prevent the loss of credentials or the compromise of endpoints.

Particularly phishing emails and malicious links used in impersonation, account hijacking and all kinds of Business Email Compromise are very difficult for employees to detect.  This is because the hackers carefully analyse their targets and use social engineering to deceive them that the email is authentic and really comes from their manager, CEO, supplier, etc. Since virus scanners cannot recognize malicious links, it is the job of the URL scanner to identify the threat and handle them according to established company policies

At GBS, we are committed to constantly improving and updating our products to provide our customers and partners with the most advanced security technologies. Following our successful partnership with the leading vendor Sophos, we are now adding the advanced Sophos URL scanning option to the iQ.Suite threat protection features. Thus, we offer our customers even more versatile and reliable protection.

The integration of the Sophos URL scanner works similarly to our other URL scanning options and is based on Risk Score to categorize URLs as safe, dangerous and potentially dangerous. Each time a URL is identified by our security solution iQ.Suite, it is sent to the Sophos service and a Risk Score is assigned to it. Based on the score, IT admins can easily define different actions as per internal policy, such as Block, Mark, remove URL, or Deliver the email.

Our experts are available to consult you and answer any questions on how URL scanners can help your organization, or how you can implement them. Contact us at