The human factor in cybersecurity: GBS supports partner SoSafe at its event HuFiCon

GBS joined the Human Firewall Conference (HuFiCon) on 16 and 17 November in Cologne as a silver sponsor, a conference on cyber security organized by its partner SoSafe. The GBS team attended on site to engage and network on the main topic – the human factor in cyber defense.

Described by its organizers as “The first and only security conference with a focus on the human factor”, HuFiCon expanded to a two-day hybrid event this year due to overwhelming interest, quickly filling up live venue spots. The event’s online communication, facilitated by the Talque app, provided an excellent platform for seamless networking among attendees and international speakers.

The longstanding partnership between GBS and SoSafe is fueled by their common goal of highlighting the crucial role humans play in combating cyber crimes. Therefore, both companies take an active role in talking about it, educating, exchanging and continuously improving the human approach. SoSafe’s innovative strategy to promote security awareness through the use of behavioral science and learning psychology has successfully propelled it to become the “fastest-growing security awareness scale-up worldwide”. Empowering employees and transforming them from unsuspecting targets into a robust line of defense is what GBS integrates in its solutions as well.

GBS develops its email security, compliance and management products with people’s needs in mind – relieving workloads through automation, increasing user-friendliness through simplicity, protecting through innovative multi-layer technology and ensuring transparency and control through overview and reporting. The company even integrates awareness into features like its email Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which allows organisations to educate employees about the dangers of sensitive information in emails.

This human-centric principle extends to GBS services and is deeply woven into the Security Awareness Trainings. The trainings take human nature into account to achieve sustainable and long-lasting results. They are designed to help employees to understand threats and even experience them in a controlled manner through entertaining and motivating content, real-life examples and interactive situations.