Time-controlled email transmission

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iQ.Suite Smart – time-controlled email transmission


The transmission of email campaigns can be an issue in companies. This can result in infrastructure bottlenecks during normal operating hours, which are detrimental to the interests of employees and IT departments.


iQ.Suite Smart realizes the time-optimized transmission of emails. In this way, you can reduce the load on your infrastructure during peak times and relieving stress on your employees. With iQ.Suite Smart the time-optimized transmission of campaigns becomes a breeze: all you have to do is set a transmission time and date. This means that large email campaigns can also be sent later on in the day without stress.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable reduction of server and network load caused by large mail volume
  • User-controlled scheduling of outbound mail
  • Logic resolution of links in messages for sending to external recipients
  • Sender notification regarding delayed sending
  • Automatic send notifications to the responsible administrator for each email
  • Reliable archiving of unsent messages