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iQ.Suite Watchdog – central virus protection


iQ.Suite Watchdog offers comprehensive security through the parallel use of several leading anti-virus scan engines. Even previously unknown threats can be recognised and stopped with the aid of optional cloud-based recognition technology. Malicious links in emails can be detected and phishing emails can be reliably blocked. Furthermore, with iQ.Suite Watchdog, you are able to establish a phased security approach that not only reliably detects viruses and Trojans, but can also provide a tamper-proof analysis of more than 200 file types (e.g., .exe, .vbs, .mp3, .jpg, .avi).


New types of viruses, phishing mails and other malicious attacks pose a daily threat to your infrastructure. Accidentally clicking on dangerous and undesirable file attachments can often lead to real problems. The resulting damage can range from data loss to costs arising from data recovery. Thanks to iQ.Suite Watchdog, this is a thing of the past!

Your benefits:

  • Protects your infrastructure from email attacks, email viruses and harmful content
  • Examine suspicious URLs and detect phishing mails
  • Viruses and other critical file attachments are reliably removed and quarantined
  • Recursive virus scanning of all emails and file attachments in real time, both event- and time-controlled
  • Parallel use of several virus scanners from leading third-party publishers
  • Incremental virus scan of only new emails or specific mailboxes
  • Identification of file attachments via unique, tamper-proof file patterns (fingerprints)
  • Identification and blocking of of unwanted files in PDF attachments
  • Creation and use of enterprise-specific fingerprints
  • Definition of file restrictions through combination of file name, file extension and file size
  • Application of file restrictions on archives (e.g., ZIP, RAR)
  • Virus scanning of encrypted emails in combination with iQ.Suite Crypt Pro
  • Optional integration of cloud-based recognition technology to ward unknown threats (zero-day exploits).