ISG analysts rank GBS as leader in Data Leakage Prevention for the fourth time

For the fourth time in a row, GBS Europa GmbH confirms its leading position in the ISG Provider Lens study “Cyber Security Solutions & Services”, which supports IT executives in making the best possible use of their IT security budgets.

In the provider ranking, GBS managed to impress the ISG analysts with its email management solutions iQ.Suite DLP Advanced and iQ.Suite 360, which are available for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP/365 and HCL Notes, and was therefore recognized as leader in the Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP) segment.

“Being ranked at the top of the ISG Provider Lens study for the fourth consecutive time validates GBS’s global success. We are very pleased that we continue to receive recognition,” said Ivaylo Slavov, CEO of GBS. “Our position as a leader shows once again that we are constantly and successfully improving our expertise in the field of cyber security solutions. We steadily keep pace with the development of the increasingly challenging control of data movements and transfers as well as of the rapidly growing interest in DLP solutions associated with it.”

ISG Dataleakage Prevention
The study evaluates over 70 relevant providers in the course of a research process lasting several months and covers five subject areas in the German cyber security market. These areas are differentiated into the categories Security Solutions and Security Services. In the Security Solutions area, the topic of Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP) was examined in detail. The evaluation states: “The provider classified as a leader has a highly attractive range of products and services as well as a strong and competitive market position and therefore fulfils all the requirements for successful market development. GBS is to be regarded as a strategic pioneer and opinion leader. In addition, the company warrants innovative strength and stability”. And more in detail: “GBS is an expert in the important topic of e-mail security, but also covers the increasingly relevant subject of social collaboration”.

The study concludes that GBS’ iQ.Suite DLP Advanced is a sophisticated DLP solution, whose granular functionalities and frameworks ensure that DLP scenarios can be implemented quickly, flexibly, both tailor-made and customer-specific. Among other things, it is also able to detect behavioral anomalies in email communication as well as sensitive content in email texts and attachments. By using the proven four-eyes control principle it ensures that information outflows are controlled. An interesting special feature is the following principle: e-mails identified in advance automatically pass a four-eye check and can be approved by a specified person, such as the data protection officer or the respective superior.

High recognition received also the ability of iQ.Suite DLP Advanced to manage multiple tenants centrally and at low cost. Especially corporations with affiliated subsidiaries and companies with large distributed email infrastructures can benefit from the so-called iQ.Suite Multi-Tenant Edition.

The analysts point out that GBS and its solutions comply with the requirements of the GDPR to a great degree through detailed notifications of security incidents for the timely reporting of data breaches.

The GBS solution iQ.Suite 360 is new to the GBS portfolio since the spring of 2020. Market research and analysis data show that it is playing a key role in the context of the changing nature of collaboration within companies. New gateways and attack vectors are emerging due to the fact that more and more channels, complex IT environments, and a large number of platforms are completely in the cloud. The modern cloud solution iQ.Suite 360 addresses this issue by protecting collaboration and communication tools easily, effectively and from a central location. “GBS has developed its expertise in this area even beyond email security. As part of the BULPROS Group, it also has know-how in securing collaboration environments and applications,” emphasize the analysts.

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24 August 2020