Cybersecurity trends and challenges in 2024: the top game changers

As we usher in a new year, the cyber security landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, presenting both opportunities and challenges for organizations worldwide. Reflecting on the lessons learned in 2023 and anticipating the emerging threats of 2024, it becomes evident that only a proactive and adaptive [...]

Create GDPR-compliant email signatures

What must companies take into account when sending e-mails? The legal regulations strengthening data protection require every company to implement numerous adjustments when handling data and providing information. These measures also include making its email signatures GDPR-compliant. If email signatures were until recently just a good way to [...]

Do you have what is needed for a successful implementation of DLP technology?

Information security relates to dataThe proper use and protection of information lies at the core of the entire information and cybersecurity domain. And information is generated when working with data. It is therefore quite clear that everything in the information security domain relates to data. But data is not [...]

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Encryption of documents in MS Teams, Part 2: Sensitivity labels

Sensitive files in Teams need to be encrypted As we mentioned in the first part of our mini encryption series, over 25% of documents stored and exchanged in the cloud contain sensitive data. Encryption is often used in such cases to prevent confidential files from being accidentally destroyed in Teams [...]

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Encryption of documents in MS Teams: Part 1 – Types of encryption

How safe are collaboration platforms? Over 25% of company data is confidential and needs to be protected We all know the general rule that any information that is created, transmitted or stored is potentially at risk. Therefore, most security topics in the IT sector address the protection of [...]

5 ways the four-eyes principle protects your sensitive data

The power of double-checking with four-eyes principle Ensures high level of security and transparent accountability Every organization needs to protect its data, particularly the sensitive information that greatly affects its performance, image and profit. It is not only inbound email threats such as spam and malware that compromise [...]

Demystifying DLP – a concept that loves rules

Why does DLP fail to become a security standard? The DLP concept suggests that data flow should be monitored and controlled The Concept DLP (Data Loss Prevention)– a term that has been around for more than 15 years, but still fails to establish itself as a proven and trustworthy [...]

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Security incident: Sending sensitive data to the wrong recipient

An incident that happens more often than we realize 90% of employee communication takes place via email making it the main channel for a data leaks When we talk about cybersecurity, we often think only in terms of defense. We believe that we have something in the digital [...]

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